Cyclists share feedback on ‘Bike to Work Day to help make Windsor a better place to ride

With the warmer weather and steep gas prices, many are turning to their bikes to get around.

“There’s some definite areas where some improvements can be made with respect to bike lanes and safety,” said resident Ken Acton.

A group of cyclists took to the streets Friday morning and stopped off at Jackson Park on their way to work.

There, they were able to share their feedback on what would help make the city a better place to ride.

“What it is they would need to see happen in the community in order for them to be able to make the choice to get out of their motorized vehicle and take their bike,” said Kieren McKenzie, chair of the Windsor Bicycling Committee.

Whether it’s to work, school or other daily commutes the event was aimed at promoting the idea of ​​choosing to ride instead of drive.

“As our city grows and changes it’s gonna be something that’s a real need for a lot of people from an equitable perspective,” said Acton.

Those changes are happening but more needs to be done.

Whithley added, “We just have white painted lines. Cars can cross over and I’ve actually seen myself riding where a car is actually using a bicycle lane to actually pass a vehicle.”

The bike lane on University Avenue heading downtown ends at Bruce Avenue, but Bike Windsor Essex would like to see a protected bike lane on University Ave. and Wyandotte Street in order to connect the city from west to east.

“We do need to make some infrastructure investments to sort of complete the network in our community and a lot of those investments are happening,” said McKenzie, who adds they are receiving feedback on other issues like bike safety once a cyclist has arrived to their destination. “There needs to be appropriate bike parking facilities.”

The Canadian Mental Health Association has a Velo Vault for cyclists to lock up their bikes.

“We did it because we wanted to promote active living. There’s a strong link between mental health and physical health. We also wanted a safe place for people to store their bikes. They can have a little piece of mind,” said facility supervisor Joe Scalia.

McKenzie says the information gathered at Friday’s event will be compiled and presented to city council in the fall.

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