Fantasy Body Painting San Diego

Fantasy Body Painting San Diego

Your everyday wearables can get boring over time. Your official wears are designed to help you blend to the mainstream. Fantasy body paintings are a great way to add that much-needed excitement to your rather dull life.

While this kind of art is typically used by media personalities who are required to imitate or represent a specific character as a part of their role, it can also be taken up by ordinary people during special occasions like Halloween and Carnivals.

But before you opt to take up fantasy body painting in San Diego, you need to know the different body painting techniques and the ones that best suit your purpose.

What are the Various Body Painting Techniques?

For some, body painting is a form of an intricate artwork whereas for others it is the ultimate expression of one’s personality. Several body painting techniques differ in intricacy, style, and method. The most commonly followed body painting techniques are –

  • Metallic Body Sprays
  • Using Fluorescent Colors
  • Regular colored painting
  • Custom Ordered Painting
  • Glow-in-the-dark Painting

The choice of body painting technique depends on the taste and preference of the client or any specific requirement mandating the use of any particular method.

What are the Essential Tips for a Safe Fantasy Body Painting?

Specific precautionary measures should be taken into consideration during fantasy body painting in San Diego to avoid any kind of adverse medical condition.

  • Consult a professional body painter like Body Art San Diego to get used to the hang of body painting and ensuring the paint used is safe for your specific skin type.
  • Always have a professional body painter to paint your body with the fantasy design or costume character of your choice.
  • Always purchase body paints that are free from toxins, and FDA approved. You can get the details of the color on the packaging which can help you to have safe body paints.
  • Refrain from using body paints in the areas where the product recommends not to.
  • Get a trial run before you take up a fantasy art for your main event.
  • Get your body shaved and waxed and freed from moisture before taking up body painting.

Why is a Licensed Facility Important?

While some States allow tattoo shops and body painting outlets to run without a license, others compulsorily require them to obtain and maintain body art facility license to provide such service to the people.

However, it should be known that a Body Art License is different from a Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate. It is highly recommended to get a fantasy body painting in San Diego done from a licensed service provider rather than an unlicensed outlet just to save a few bucks.

This will provide a host of benefits to the customers like qualified tattoo artists, necessary precautionary measures to avoid any adverse medical conditions, painting services at prevailing market rates, etc.

Body Art San Diego is a fully licensed facility with an experienced pool of artists who can work on your body art anytime. Contact us today and add a spark to your fantasy events!

Fantasy Body Painting San Diego