Head of Windsor financial firm faces 2nd sex assault case | Windsor

A man who is charged with sexually assaulting an employee at the office of his financial advising firm in Windsor in early 2020 is now facing a charge that he sexually assaulted a client at the Hartford Club almost three years earlier.

James Allen, 58, of 710 Avery St. in South Windsor is facing misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree sexual assault in both cases, court records show.

He is free on $2,500 bond in the Windsor case and a promise to appear in court in the Hartford case. Both cases are pending in Hartford Superior Court, where Allen is next due April 18.

The complainant in the Hartford case told police in January that Allen was her and her husband’s financial advisor, according to an affidavit by city police Detective Christopher May, who went on to recount the following:

She said Allen worked for New York Life Investments, which held a social gathering for clients in 2017 at the Hartford Club.

She said she and her husband were at the bar in the cigar room when her husband went to the rest room. She said Allen approached her, “quite intoxicated,” grabbed an intimate area of ​​her body over her clothing, and asked when they were going to lunch. She said she told him that was never going to happen, and he walked away.

When her husband returned, the woman said, she told him they needed to leave right away. In their car in the parking garage, she told him what had happened. She said he wanted to go back and confront Allen, but she discouraged him from doing so.

Several weeks later, her husband did confront Allen at a financial meeting, according to the woman, whose husband later confirmed her account. Allen said it was a misunderstanding and apologized, then sent her a letter of apology, which she tore up.

Sometime in 2020, the woman and her husband received word from New York Life that Allen was no longer part of its investment group. She did some research and found out about the Windsor case, then decided she should come forward as well.

The detective reported that he contacted Raymond M. Hassett, the lawyer representing Allen in the Windsor case, to see if Allen was willing to be interviewed. Eight days later, Hassett hadn’t gotten back in touch with him, the detective reported.

A recent attempt by the Journal Inquirer to contact Hassett for comment on the accusations also was unsuccessful.

In the Windsor case, the employee told police that the sexual assault occurred on the afternoon of Jan. 20, 2020, at the Allen Financial Group at 360 Bloomfield Ave. She said it occurred after she and Allen had lunch at a restaurant with two other people, according to an affidavit by Windsor police Detective Joseph Bibeau, who recounted the following:

The employee said they had three rounds of drinks. While sitting next to Allen, she said, he put his hand on her back and started to put it under her clothing, but when she told him to stop, he pulled his hand away.

She said she didn’t remember leaving the restaurant or how she got back to the office but said she woke up on a couch in Allen’s office to find that she was mostly undressed and he was performing a sex act on her.

She said she sat up, then threw up in a nearby garbage can, at which point Allen said, “I didn’t expect that to happen.”

Allen, by contrast, told Windsor police that after returning from lunch, where he said they had four rounds of drinks, he was sitting at his desk when the employee came into his office with no clothes on. He said she sat on the arm of the couch, then fell backward onto the couch, saying, “Here’s the money.”

After sitting for about 15 to 20 seconds, he said, he walked over to her and told her to get up, get dressed, and go home.

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