Immunization records incomplete for 12K Windsor-Essex students

The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit has urged parents to ensure their children’s immunization records are up to date.

The health unit has composed a review of records for Windsor-Essex students from kindergarten to grade eight, and found over 12,000 students with records considered to be incomplete.

“These students are either overdue for one or more vaccines or have not submitted their updated records to the Health Unit,” read a media release. “Most of these vaccines are routinely administered by primary care providers.”

The health unit began issuing notices to the affected students last week through their schools, in which the missing vaccines were outlined, along with options for parents or guardians to bring the records up to date.

Those options include submitting updated records to the health unit, contacting the child’s primary care physician for any missing information or getting any missing shots.

Parents may also book an appointment at a vaccine clinic operated by the WECHU.

Students who have not updated their records by March 16, 2023, will be given a suspension notice from school, which could last up to 20 school days.

Complete information on school immunizations can be found on the health unit’s official website.

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