Legoland Windsor: Family day is ‘wrecked’ by catalytic converter theft

A THEME park goer said his daughter’s day was ‘wrecked’ after his catalytic converter was stolen from his car.

Ashley Jackson visited Legoland with his wife and two children on Friday, July 1, to enjoy a day out with his family.

But his car, along with six other vehicles, were targeted by catalytic converter thefts.

Mr Jackson explained the family had to carry all their belongings to the hotel, including children’s car seats for a four-year-old and a nine-month-old from car park D.

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“It’s crazy to think a company that makes millions can’t fork out on something to protect its customers,” Mr Jackson said.

“They didn’t care which is so sad.

“It will continue to happen and there is nothing we can do about it.”

Having spoken to security, Mr Jackson said the guards told him the CCTV won’t capture anything because of the overgrown trees.

“This wrecked what was a special day for my daughter,” he added.

“We will never return and the public should continue to be warned of this lack of care from Legoland.”

And this isn’t the first time catalytic converters have been stolen from cars in the Legoland car park.

In October 2020, the Observer reported GP Hassan Ali Khan, who traveled from Southampton to Legoland with his daughters, also had his targeted.

And a TripAdvisor review from May this year also stated their vehicle was targeted.

The reviewer said: “The biggest let down though was when we left to drive home and found our catalytic converter had been stolen.

“The car had been in the hotel car park. Staff didn’t really care and a manager told us it wasn’t their responsibility.

“Another member of public approached us and told us they had also had their car targeted at the same time.”

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A spokesperson for Legoland said: “We’re very sorry to hear of the family’s experience at the resort last Friday and we’re working with Thames Valley Police to support them in their investigation.

“We have a process in place to support guests with moving their belongings and with onward travel and we apologise that this didn’t happen on the day. We would like the opportunity to speak to the family further and welcome them back for another family day out.

“We have CCTV across our car parks and our team conduct regular patrols, which we have since increased following the reports and we will continue to work with Thames Valley Police on the matter.”

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