Nebraska Tailgate

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Nebraska Tailgate

Footballing tailgating in NE can be a great experience once you get it right. The operative clause being “…get it right”.So if you are looking to throw a tailgate party anytime soon, here are some tips to help you knock your tailgate party out of the park. 

 Get As Many Games As Possible

Cornhusker's football tailgating is all about fun and games. That is why you must get as many games as possible for your party comers to explore. There is nothing like too many games at a tailgating event. If anything, the more games there are, the better. Get as many games out there. Every tailgating event needs healthy competition to keep the party spirits high and merry.

Reserve A Spot

There are probably many other folks looking to enjoy that space you want to use for your tailgating party (great minds think alike, after all). If it's Nebraska Cornhusker's tailgating we are talking about, then you might want to reserve a spot for yourself way before the party starts. Or you might not get any space. Contact the relevant authorities as to how to go about reserving a spot.

 Make Sure The Food Is On Point

Having great food at a tailgating party is a no-brainer, but it bears repeating. Make sure that the food you offer at the tailgating party is on point. Great food often makes excellent parties. Ensure that there is a vast array of food on offer at the event. You must also make sure that every bite counts.


What's a party without some great music. The thing with a tailgating party is that you get to pick your playlist. Good music can turn a two-person party into a lifetime experience, while lousy music can break even the most organized party. Bear this in mind when selecting a playlist. You should let your choice be informed by the type of audience at the party.

Please make sure you also have the right speakers because they do count when it comes to keeping the vibe of the spirit up.

Get The Right Game-day Décor

The right décor serves to set the mood for the party. Imbibe the school/team spirit with the right game day décor. You could play around with the team colors and ensure that you deck out your tailgating spot.

Hire A Cornhuskers Tailgating Company

While the DIY approach to throwing a tailgating party is a great idea, trusting the experts will definitely make it a lot better. That’s why you need to get in touch with Exclusive Event Experiences, the leading tailgate planer in Nebraska. Our company has the expertise, equipment, and experience to help you create lasting memories, and we have a track record of going out of our way to give our clients the best. You can benefit from any or all of our offerings, including but not limited to basic equipment rental, tailgate planning, all-inclusive Pre-Game Club, and VIP concierge services. Call 1-855-938-3687 to speak with a representative and get answers to all of your questions.

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Nebraska Tailgate

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