Pair arrested in Windsor on attempted theft and gun charges

Windsor police say two men were charged this week with multiple firearm infractions.

Officers responded to the area of ​​Assumption Street near Aylmer Avenue at around 1 on Tuesday on a report of attempted theft. The complainant told police that they scared off two men trying to steal the license plate of their vehicle. A description of the two men and their vehicle was obtained.

The two men were spotted by officers a short time later on Chatham Street West near Ouellette Avenue. Both men tried to run but were eventually apprehended, one in a nearby nightclub, the other in a nearby alley.

Independent witnesses told police that they saw one of the suspects fleeing from police and heard a dumpster lid open and close, according to Constable Bianca Jackson. Police searched the dumpster and found a loaded handgun.

A 27-year-old man of no fixed address has been charged with attempted theft, possession of a restricted firearm, possession of a loaded firearm, and possession of a firearm with an altered serial number. He is also charged with three counts of possession of a firearm, three counts of possession of ammunition while prohibited, and one count of contravening the Firearms Act.

A 21-year-old Mississauga man faces a single charge of attempted theft.

The charges have not been proven in court.

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