Reopening envy hits some Windsor-Essex residents as U.S. loosens restrictions

WINDSOR, ONT. — Many Windsor-Essex are experiencing reopening envy, while others have found ways to get a break from the provincial COVID-19 stay-at-home order.

Former Miss Universe Canada Alyssa Boston, who lives in Tecumseh, attended the Miss Universe pageant in Hollywood, Florida Sunday night as beauty queens from 74 countries, fans and supporters gathered for the event.

Boston says she still felt safe.

“I think they made a safe atmosphere for everybody,” says Boston. “We had rapid tests the day of and then all the seats were spread out so you’re only with the people you came with and there was a lot of room and they didn’t sell our tickets to be a massive crowd.”

The beauty queen says she’s enjoying the out of lockdown vibes.

“Being here in Florida, not being in lockdown is so much better of an atmosphere,” says Boston. “Definitely people are a lot happier here you can tell in a lot of people are out and about, so if feels good to finally get back to more normal life.”

Boston will do the mandatory quarantine when she gets back to Canada, but for now she’s enjoying doing some of her favorite activities that she can’t do in Ontario.

“I love going out for dinner,” says Boston. “That’s one of my favorite things to do and seeing my friends that I have a couple friends here in Florida so were able to just call each other and meet at a bar or so it’s like super normal.”

The major reopening in the US, has sparked envy some Windsor-Essex residents still at home.

“Of course it hurts a little bit. They’re getting to enjoy themselves more than us,” says Windsor resident Joseph Uras.

You don’t have to go as far as Florida to see reopening, restaurants and bars in Detroit are welcoming customers again.

“It would be fun to go to some games and go out a little more and open up a little bit more,” says Uras.

Meanwhile in Windsor, bars, restaurants, patios and event facilities remain closed to patrons until at least June 2 when the stay-at-home order expires.

“I think we’re seeing a pretty stark difference between the two countries,” says Windsor resident Mark Davenport. “The US is open in a whole lotta states and here it still feels like we’re in jail, so it’s very hard.”

Some residents are hopeful that the loosening of restrictions across the border is a sign that life will eventually get back to normal here too, once more people are vaccinated.

“I think if more people get vaccinated we can get rid of this quicker. I think that’s the main thing.”

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