Solar Panels coming to more Windsor facilities

Solar panels will be installed on twelve City of Windsor facilities over the next year.

After the panels and net metering systems are installed, it’s estimated the city will save 1.1 million kilowatt-hours per year and more than $220,000 in electricity costs.

“We know that there is material and real savings to be found now is the time to move forward and look at these facilities because the cost of the systems are much more affordable where the return is greater for the taxpayer,” said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens .

The new systems will cost $2.4 million to install. Once operational, the solar panels will generate enough electricity to power 100 homes for over a year.

The panels will be installed at Optimist Community Center and Library, Forest Glade Community Center and Library, Constable John Atkinson Memorial Community Centre, Fire Hall #2, Fire Hall #5, Fire Hall #6, Fire Hall #7, the Fire Apparatus Building , Parks and Recreation Facilities Storage, Parks and Recreation Maintenance Yard, the South Windsor Library and Fontainebleau Library.

The city does not expect any delays or pauses in services at the facilities while the rooftop projects are being installed.

The city is working with Moose Power, EG Energy Management Inc., and Essex Energy Corporation to install the panels.

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