Windsor Chrysler Fined for Breaching Advertising Requirements, Again

A Windsor car dealership is being hit with a $17,500 fine for publishing misleading advertisements.

According to the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC), Windsor Chrysler failed to indicate in a clear, comprehensible, and prominent manner, the subject vehicles were not available to the public.

In a release from OMVIC, it states that the dealership advertised employee pricing for Chrysler employees, but the advertisement did not disclose — clearly and prominently — the deal was not available to the public.

“The Motor Vehicle Dealers Act (MVDA) regulations and Code of Ethics are meant to provide transparency, and to create a level playing field for all dealers,” said John Carmichael, CEO and Registrar of OMVIC. “By repeatedly failing to abide by the law, the dealership disrespected compliant dealers and harmed consumers. I hope the heavy penalty will serve as a deterrent.”

This is the third time Windsor Chrysler has faced discipline.

In 2018, the dealership was ordered to pay $10,800 for not divulging in their advertisements, and on the bill of sales in some transactions that some vehicles on sale were previous daily rentals.

In 2016, the dealership received a $3,500-fine for not disclosing the advertised prices were not available to the public and failing to disclose a vehicle’s $5,137 accident repairs on the bill of sale.

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