Windsor Regional Hospital to postpone non-emergency scans

Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) announced Saturday that there will be a postponement of non-emergency CT scans, cardiac angiograms, and diagnostic studies until at least the end of June.

The hospital said that it was alerted of an international shortage of a solution known as iodinated contrast dye which is used in diagnostic imaging on Friday.

The dye WRH uses is supplied by GE Healthcare, which has four global manufacturing sites, one of which was recently forced to shut down due to COVID-19 concerns. The plant has reopened, but it’s expected to take several weeks for the production of the dye to return to full capacity.

As a result, the hospital anticipates it will only receive half of its normal shipments in the coming weeks.

WRH said it will prioritize CT scans and cardiac angiograms for emergency situations including patients with:

• major trauma

• possible strokes

• cardiac issues

• bowel blockages

• critical care needs

Patients whose upcoming appointments may be impacted by the rationing of the dye will be contacted by the hospital.

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