Windsor youth wins prestigious hip-hop beats battle

WINDSOR, ONT. — Windsorite Mesho Keryakoz is the winner of a prestigious hip-hop battle competition.

The Grade 10 student of Holy Names won a highly competitive event streamed online via Twitch by JJ Lundin, a Boston-based music producer.

Over 1,000 participants from around the globe initially entered the contest, held on Feb. 5. The 16-year-old Keryakoz’s winning track is entitled ‘Titan Mode.’ It took two weeks to conceptualize and produce.

The aspiring music producer won a MIDI keyboard courtesy of Alesis, a music hardware company.

“I tend to make trap and hip-hop but my biggest inspiration that led me on to doing this is Dr. Dre. He’s – he’s been inspiring to many producers such as me,” said Keryakoz.

“Ever since I heard of him I wanted to be like him or wanted to do the same things like him, so I take some of my sound and design and imitate his style but in a way that my creativity goes in there too.”

The artist believes that hard work and perseverance are contributing factors to his success.

You can find the beat on Soundcloud here and the stream it was played on here.

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